How To Install Sharkbite Fittings On Existing Copper Pipe

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How To Install Sharkbite Fittings On Existing Copper Pipe. Pull the fitting to remove it from the pipe. Now, turn on your water and check the connection.

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Be sure the pipe is free of scratches or debris and cut the pipe as cleanly and squarely as possible. Rotate the fitting if necessary to help remove it from the pipe. For installation, simply slide the sharkbite onto the end of the copper pipe and tighten the clamp using the provided wrench.

To Get Started, Identify The Pipe Material.

Pull the fitting to remove it from the pipe. Slide the copper pipe into it by up to 3 inches. Place the fitting side above the barrel of the sharkbite fitting.

Take A Piece Of Copper Pipe And Slide It All The Way Into The Safe Seal Depth And Pipe Deburring Tool.

Why should i use sharkbite fittings? When installing sharkbite fittings always measure and mark any copper pipe that the sharkbite fitting will be sliding onto. Measure & mark the insertion depth.

The Installation Of Sharkbite Fitting Into The Copper Pipe Itself Is Not A Difficult Task To Do However, The Hard Part Appears When You Have To Do All The Measurement Work And Select The Correct Fitting According To The Size Of Your Pipe.

Sharkbites are designed to be used with copper piping. It needs a smooth surface to seal to. Squeeze the handle to compress the release collar, which is what makes the fitting let go of the pipe.

[00:35] Make A Second Cut To Remove Valve.

Replacing copper pipes and fittings with sharkbite push fit shut off water and drain pipe. Take a piece of copper pipe and slide it all the way into the safe seal depth and pipe deburring tool. Once the copper pipe bottoms out inside the measuring tool, mark the copper pipe.

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Once Installed, The Sharkbite Joint Will Look Like A Slight Cut On The Exterior Wall Of Your Copper Pipe.

You should then mark each pipe joint on end to show where the sharkbite fitting will fit. Here are the steps to properly connect your sharkbite joint to the copper pipe: There is a sharkbite deburring tool that should be.


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